A Christmas story for kids

A Christmas story for kids

Your Christmas tree is all set up so tell your kids a great Christmas story. They will love it!

Justine Varin - Writer

Christmas is about stories!

Here we are! Temperatures are dropping, you’ve put up your Chrsitams tree and your kids have started their chocolate calendar.

Of course, Christmas means Christmas stories. Children love them and never get tired of them.

To keep with the theme, The Fun Master has created a superb interactive story that should delight both young and old.

Are you ready to listen to us? Have a good read!

Tibou saves the Santa Claus tour

Tibou is a very lucky boy, he works in Lapland. What? You don’t know Lapland? Lapland is a land covered with snow where many reindeers and fir trees live, but it’s especially the country of Santa Claus.

Besides, Tibou doesn’t live in Lapland for nothing! This lucky guy works with Santa Claus!

What is Tibou’s job? He is Santa’s right hand man and he helps him all year long, no matter the task.

Santa Claus is very happy to have Tibou with him. Indeed, Santa Claus is clumsy so he knows he can count on Tibou.

Moreover, Tibou saved last Christmas by helping Santa Claus in a heroic way…

*One year ago*

“Santa Claus! You are very late! It’s already 11 in the evening and you still haven’t started distributing the presents!” cried Tibou when he saw Santa finally walking through the door of the cottage.

“I know Tibou, I was on vacation on an island paradise… Then I didn’t see the time passing… And I made a mistake with the time changes…” explained Santa.

“Jump in the sleigh, the reindeers are ready and your sack is full. Be quick!’

“My dear Tibou, I don’t think you understand the situation. I’m supposed to finish the distribution at midnight, which is in an hour. That’s impossible. Usually I complete this distribution in 5 or 6 hours.”

“Is it a big deal if the gifts are dropped off after midnight?”

“Yes Tibou, if I distribute the gifts after midnight the magic of Christmas will cease forever. But I have to face the facts, no matter what I do the magic of Christmas will disappear because of me…”

“No Santa, it’s impossible! I will find a solution.”

Tibou grabbed his scarf, put on his mittens and his hat and went out of the cottage.

“Follow the Tibou’s adventures with your kids!”

Tibou sat on a rock and racked his brains trying to find a solution.

He looked longingly at the moon and his watch. Suddenly, a genious idea came to his mind.

“Since we are aware of time because the moon appears and disappears to give rhythm to the days and nights, it is therefore to her that I must turn!”

Tibou made big signs to the moon and shook his handkerchief so that she could notice him.

“Hey! Ho! Moon? Can you hear me? Hey! I need your help!”

“Who is disturbing me at this hour?” asked the moon.

“It’s me, Tibou, I need help!” shouted Tibou.

“What do you want, my darling?”

“I need you to stop time please.”

“Stop time? But why is that?”

Then Tibou explained the whole story as well as his reasoning and the moon understood.

“So you would like me to stay longer and the sun to come a little later than usual, is that it?”

“Yes that’s it!” exclaimed Tibou.

“I’m afraid there’s a problem. I’m willing to stay longer, but the sun is very temperamental and he can’t stand being late. I doubt very much that he will accept this request.”

“But it is absolutely necessary that I speak to him, it is very important!”

“I understand, let me call him, I am sure we can talk to him through the silence of the universe.”

“Sun! Sun!” called the moon.

“What!? I can’t even sleep peacefully anymore?” grumbled the sun.

The moon and Tibou explained to the sun the situation in which they found themselves.

“I don’t care about Christmas and I don’t like being late. I don’t want the moon to stay any longer. It’s no.” the sun answered curtly.

“But… Is there really nothing I can do to make you agree to delay the coming of the day? It’s very important Mister Sun…” said Tibou with a small voice.

“Because you think you are smarter than me? Very well. Answer one question, just one, and I’ll agree to come later if your answer is correct. However I highly doubt that a little boy like you could answer it.”

“Thank you sun! I want to answer that question!”

“Very well. What has two feet usually and 32 once a year?” said the sun in a defiant tone.

Tibou put his head in his hands, closed his eyes and began to think as best he could.

After 5 minutes of thinking he looked at the sun which was still laughing at him.

“It’s easy,” said Tibou after a long moment, “A man stands on two legs and reindeer on four. Santa Claus has two legs and once a year he goes on a sleigh ride with his eight reindeer with a total of 32 legs. So this is Santa Claus!”

The sun blushed and got angry. But he promised to give Tibou and Santa an extra 4 hours to do their Christmas delivery.

When Santa heard the news, he hurried to finish his presents distribution. The delivery was even finished early and the magic of Christmas did not disappear.

Not only did all the children receive a Christmas present, but Santa announced to Tibou that he would take his place when he will be retired. Tibou was the proudest little boy on earth that night!

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Enjoy Toronto in December 2021 with your children

Enjoy Toronto in December 2021 with your children

Do you want to enjoy Toronto with your kids in December? Perfect, The Fun Master knows all the events organized during this period.

Justine Varin - Writer

Hard to keep your kids busy in December?

After many lockdowns and restrictions due to the coronavirus, it is now possible to take a breath and enjoy some events organized by the city of Toronto.

However, the month of December is always a little complicated to keep the little ones busy, the weather is not always nice and cool. However, don’t worry, The Fun Master knows all the kid-friendly events in Toronto. I promise, your kids won’t be bored this month (by the way, some events are already available in November and until 2022)!

Read on to find out what’s going on in December! Let’s go !

Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages

The Ontario Science Centre is hosting an exhibition for kids and adults. What is it about? As the name suggests, the exhibit is about the Ice Age period. Your children will love this exhibition because they will have the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity since stuffed animals or skeletons of some species that lived during this period are exposed.

Children will learn more about the extinction of prehistoric species or on the contrary their survival, about climate changes and the evolution of the planet during the last 80 000 years.

We recommend you to book your ticket in advance on The Ontario Science Center website. The cost of tickets ranges from $9 to $28 depending on your age and the options you choose. Children under the age of 3 are free.

Santa's parades

December means Christmas and so on, Christmas parades ! Any child, grown up or little, loves Christmas parades! So you can get the whole family to agree on an activity.

There are many Christmas parades in Toronto starting in December.

The Fun Master suggests that you check out this particular site and choose the one you want to do.

“December is a magical time for children and the city of Toronto knows this!”

An afternoon of sliding

Ice skating is a popular year-round activity in Canada, but the Christmas season offers great opportunities to spend the afternoon at the rink.

The huge rink, located right across from Nathan Phillips City Hall, puts on its best lights in December to welcome the public.

For more information, check out this web site and happy skating!

The Christmas market

The Christmas market is the perfect place to make your children dream and do some Christmas shopping. With music, lights, the smell of mulled wine and little wooden chalets, it’s an event that you should not miss!

The best Christmas market in Toronto is The Distillery Winter Village, if you want to go there it is imperative to book on their website otherwise you will probably be refused access.

The Bug Lab

Bad weather? No problem, the “Bug Lab” will be a great place to spend the day. You and your children will be able to discover the world from another angle and on another scale… On the scale of insects!

The Bug Lab is one of the best places to introduce your little ones to biology and the world, I promise you, the visit will not disappoint!

Due to sanitary regulations and the success of the Bug Lab, we recommend you to book your tickets on their website.

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30 unique facts about our kids

30 unique facts about our kids

The children are surprising but they have not said their last word!

Justine Varin - Writer

Children are much more surprising than you think!

You think your children can’t surprise you anymore? Are you sure you know everything about your children? Think again!

Children are unusual little creatures who impress us every day. Do you want proof?

Read this top and you’ll find out just how unique your children are! (By the way, if you want to host family dinners with your knowledge, this is the article to read!)

Top 30 of unique facts about our kids

  1. A 4 year old asks about 437 questions a day (yes, you need patience)
  2. Newborns have 300 bones compared to 207 for an adult. This is because some of the bones have to fuse together and the baby has to be flexible to get out of the womb.
    3.Children’s brains are so plastic that they can learn several languages simultaneously without difficulty.

4. Until they are about 8 years old, children do not know the difference between reality and fiction. That is why they are very creative and sometimes afraid of things that do not exist. This is why it is important to watch what your child watches or reads.

5. An infant cries for about 2 hours a day (thank God, not normally continuously).

6. Children and babies can laugh up to 300 times a day compared to an average of 20 times for adults. That’s what we call losing our childlike spirit!

7. Until they are almost 3 years old, good and evil are two concepts that children cannot understand. It is therefore counterproductive to punish them at this age.

“This article will help you bluff your friends and family at dinner parties!”

8. Your offspring will cost you an average of 110,000 euros per child. Yes, that hurts!

9. In their first weeks, babies cannot see more than 30 centimetres and their vision is black and white.

10. Up to the age of 7, children have difficulty with the concepts of size and quantity.

11. Not having children is the best thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. (And that was the least fun part of this list!)

12. Nature does not know parity (at first glance). For every 100 births, there are 49 girls and 51 boys. This is because infant mortality among little boys is naturally higher (okay, that fact wasn’t very happy either, but we’ll make up for it on the next one).

13. The man who had the greatest descendants in history would certainly be the pharaoh Ramses II. Having had many conquests he would have been responsible for the birth of more than a hundred children.

15. Your baby’s first smiles are not made to please you or because he is happy to see you. It is a reflex that is not wanted or controlled by the baby. Sorry to disappoint young parents.

16. The voice of a 3 year old is louder than 200 adults talking in a restaurant.

17. A newborn urinates every 20 minutes compared to every hour at 6 months.

18. It’s not the exposure to screens that harms your child’s development, it’s the lack of interaction. Obviously, we are talking about reasonable screen time. Studies have shown that if you stay with your child in front of the screen and interact with them or explain what is going on, the child can benefit. However, if your child is left alone in front of a screen, he or she will not learn anything and this can even have harmful effects.

19. Until he is potty trained, a child will need about 7300 disposable nappies (not cool for the planet and for your wallet, The Fun Master advises you to invest in washable nappies!)

20. Children who spend the most time outdoors are more likely to be healthier and have less stress than others.

21. Contrary to what you might think, talking to babies with ‘gagas’ and manners is not harmful to their language learning. In fact, when you speak in this way, you articulate better and speak more slowly, which helps your baby.

22. If children between the ages of 2 and 5 are particularly fussy about eating, this is normal, it is an evolutionary legacy. Long ago, children could die from eating toxic foods. The fact that children are picky eaters and need to see those around them eat the new food an average of 7 times before tasting it could save their lives. By the way, this behaviour is called food neophobia.

23. The largest baby ever measured at birth was 86 centimetres tall and weighed about 10 kilos.

24. Young children and babies learn sign language faster and easier than oral languages.

25. Braille was invented by a 16-year-old boy called Louis Braille.

26. A baby will spend 67.4% of its time sleeping during its first year.

27. In general, children learn faster than adults. A child’s brain grows exceptionally fast until the age of 5 and then slows down.

28. Infants cannot technically cry as they do not shed tears.

29. Before the age of 5, children do not know how to lie in order to cause harm. If they lie, it is because they do not know the difference between right and wrong and between fact and fiction. They may also lie to make themselves look good and get attention.

30. No matter what happens, children have unconditional and blind love for their parents.

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Our home escape games are 100% unique and 150% fun! Carefully designed for curious young minds, each game includes mysteries to decipher, puzzles to solve, immersive experiences and a certificate of participation that kids are sure to love.
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