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The Fun Master

What We’re Experts at

We create. Plan. Organize. And we entertain.

We bring ideas to life by creating unique games and experiences that you won’t see anywhere else. Creativity is at the core of what we do.

How we work

Typically, we would discuss with you to draft a plan that would match yours. We brainstorm, present you with a unique concept, take note of all the details and find creative ways to make it work. On the date of the event, we take care of everything… All you have to do is relax and enjoy!

Our values


We hold ourselves to high-quality standards and only work with the best.


We create experiences that are truly unique… and playful.



We are fun people trying to put a smile on families and kids’ faces.

​Like what you see?

Elvine Assouline - CEO

Our history

Our CEO, Elvine Assouline, dedicated most of his life to empowering and entertaining kids through magic and leadership programs. His previous company, ELVINE ANIMATIONS, successfully organized hundreds of private events, such as birthday parties and weddings as well as corporate events like Christmas celebrations and family days. After relocating to a new continent, Elvine brings a unique French touch with a bit of “je ne sais quoi” to Toronto that makes his events special.

Our friends

Logo O Frenchy the fun master friend

O’Frenchy is a French catering service specializing in crêpes 

sEXPLORUM is a believer of bilingual education. They offer extracurricular activities covering a variety of disciplines including Science and DIY workshops.

Wonder Box is a STEAM toy subscription for kids aged 7-12. Each box is thoughtfully designed around a unique theme and contains hand-picked toys designed to spark curiosity, explore new interests and provide hours of fun.