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Concierge for kids

No request is too big for us

No request is too big for our luxury concierge for kids.

The Fun Master enables its customers to access its services 24/7 to perfectly match the evolving needs of families.

Either you cannot wait to find out if a baby-sitter can come to replace their usual nanny, out sick or to look after their children in case of an emergency or either you want help organizing an outstanding experiences for your kids you’ll at any time of day or night be able to speak with us.

French Service in Toronto

You need a service in French?

There are many reasons for requesting a service 100% in French. 

  •  Your kids are in French immersion school! Keep it up!
  • You are from a Francophone province or country? Great! We do have a staff 100% Francophone.

Regardless the reason, we will know how to adapt the event for you

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Kids satisfaction

Concierge for kids

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