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Corporate services

Create nice memories for your employees​

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Establish the company’s character

When a company hosts an event including the families of their employees, it speaks volumes about you as an employer and as an organization. Providing your employees with an avenue to create new memories for their families shows that you value their personal relationships. It also shows that their emotional well-being is important for you.

Family corporate events are meant to encourage bonding between family members. By putting the emphasis on children. They have an opportunity to model their parents’ behaviour.

For unforgettable moments, THE FUN MASTER offers turnkey solutions for your company event!

Sit back and relax, we take care of creating awesome and unforgettable moments that all family members will remember 🙂

Family events

An opportunity to have a good time with your employees and their families.

Kids see their parents going to work every day without really understanding this environment. A family event is a great opportunity for your employees and their kids to get to know each other better in a family setting. We will help you set goals, pick a venue, provide vendors, plan a schedule and execute the perfect Family Event.

Christmas parties

We keep the kids busy while the parents and guests enjoy the Christmas party!

We can all agree that classic and traditional Christmas theme parties are great but taking a unique approach to your next event is what makes it come to life and be even more memorable!

Concierge service

No request is too big for our luxury concierge for kids.

The fun master enables its customers to access its services 24/7 to perfectly match the needs of families.

Either you cannot wait to find out if a baby-sitter can come to replace their usual nanny, out sick or to look after their children in case of an emergency or you want organizing an outstanding experiences for your kids – day or night speak with us.

Party 100% in French in Toronto

Do you want to organize an event in French?

We are specialized in French entertainment for kids for all the services we offer. We also collaborate with French partners for other services you may want. Either way, we can work together to find the perfect solution for your event!

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