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Create nice memories for your kids

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Make memories with your kids

Children’s parties are filled with joy and games, but they are also our first memories of our years of innocence. I’m sure you’ll remember one of your greatest moments when you were a kid. Be part of it and help your kids to create their own unforgettable memories. “I remember the birthday of my 6 years in which a magician had released for the first-time parts of my ears! “

For unforgettable moments, THE FUN MASTER offers turnkey solutions!

Sit back and relax as we take care of creating awesome and unforgettable moment for your family 🙂

Virtual party

A socially distanced, community conscious, and totally rad birthday party you can host from the comfort of your home.

Get in touch with real artists who offer to perform their live shows, through a webcam, especially for you and your friends by connecting at the same time, to enjoy the show and celebrate your birthday together.

Magic birthday party

Offer the most beautiful gift …

Try our original birthday party theme. Complete plan for your kid’s birthday – sit back and enjoy!

Wedding - Bring the kids!

Invite the kids to the wedding!

Your wedding must be a success for you and for your guests. That’s why The Fun Master puts at your disposal all its know-how and experience to take care of the dear children on your wedding day.

Escape game for kids

Challenge your party!

Between scientific experiments, solving puzzles and research, thes escape games at home was made with care to entertain your children for their birthday party!

Memories 100% in French in Toronto

Do You want to organize the event in French?

There are many reasons for having the birthday party in French:

  •  Your kids are in French immersion school! Keep it up by organizing his birthday party in French!
  • You are from a Francophone province or country? Great! We do have a staff 100% Francophone.

Regardless of the reason, we will know how to adapt the event for you

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