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The Ultimate Kids Activities for Toronto Company Holiday Parties

Corporate Party - Best Kid's Entertainment in Toronto - GTA


We keep the kids busy while the parents and guests enjoy the holiday party.

We all know the magic of classic and traditional Christmas or holiday theme parties in Toronto. However, at The Fun Master, we believe in taking a unique approach to your next Toronto holiday party kids entertainment. Whether it’s a corporate event or a private celebration, our services ensure that your event not only shines but becomes an even more memorable experience. Let us be your go-to children’s holiday party entertainers in Toronto, ensuring every child has a delightful experience while the adults can revel in the festivities.


Santa Claus

Christmas in Toronto gains an extra sprinkle of magic with the legendary Santa Claus visit. Our Santa Claus experience goes beyond just a meet-and-greet. With storytelling, interactive sessions, and gifts distribution, the Santa Claus visit becomes the highlight, making children gleam with joy and adults revel in nostalgia.

Magic Show

Our magic show is not just another act; it’s an experience. Crafted to capture the attention of all age groups, our magicians perform tricks that are both mystifying and entertaining. With a mix of classical and contemporary magic, combined with audience interactions, it’s a show that will leave the audience, especially the kids, spellbound.

Rubik's show

Enter the fascinating universe of Rubik’s Pixel Art with Mikael Taieb. Over his distinguished career, including a long tenure at Disneyland Paris, Mikael has combined the wonders of Rubik’s cubes with the allure of pixel art. This performance, suitable for both children and adults, is a visual spectacle. Mikael’s proficiency ensures that the audience remains captivated, making it an ideal entertainment choice for corporate events.

Face Painting

Transforming each child’s face into a canvas, our skilled face painters bring to life vibrant designs, from festive themes to their favorite characters. Using safe, hypoallergenic paints, we ensure that every child can proudly wear their design, enhancing their party experience and providing fantastic photo opportunities.

Balloon Twisting

Balloons are more than just decorations; they’re an art form. Our balloon twisters craft intricate designs ranging from animals to fantasy characters. As each child waits with bated breath, they receive a unique balloon creation, ensuring that the joy of the party stays with them long after.

Live Caricaturist

Bring your event to life with our professional Digital Live Caricaturist service! With an iPad and apple pencil, our skilled artist Cesar will create stunning color caricatures of your guests in real-time. Not only will your guests be impressed with the quality of the drawings, but they’ll also be entertained watching the process on the monitor we provide. Each caricature can be customized with your names, company logo, and date at no additional cost, and you can even choose to have a customized background with a themed design for an extra fee. With an average of 15-20 caricatures per hour, your guests will have a lasting memento to take home in the form of a 6×4 inch color print. Want to receive soft copies of all the caricatures after the party? For an additional fee we’ll send them all to you via email. Book our Digital Live Caricaturist service for your next event, and make it an unforgettable experience for all!


The LEGO® zone is a brick-built paradise. Spanning a considerable play space, children can dive into a world of creativity, building their unique structures. From the grand Santa Chair for festive photos to the Inspiration Table designed to spark creativity, the LEGO® zone is a hit among all age groups.


Jumbo Connect 4: Fun for All Ages

Elevate your Toronto holiday party kids entertainment with our giant Connect 4 game – a stellar addition for all your corporate events and private gatherings. Standing proudly over 5 feet tall, this game is a delightful way to engage attendees of all ages. Our dedicated staff ensures a smooth experience from setup to teardown. A rental like this can truly make your Toronto-based event stand out from the rest.

Giant Jenga Game

Experience the towering thrill of our giant Jenga game – a must-have for any Toronto holiday party aiming to provide top-tier kids entertainment. As the blocks stack to over 5 feet tall, anticipation and excitement fill the room. With our professional team handling the logistics, attendees can purely focus on the fun, building memories brick by brick.

Cornhole Game

Our cornhole game rental is the embodiment of outdoor festivity and the perfect addition to any corporate holiday party in Toronto. With two meticulously crafted boards and eight bean bags, it’s a game of aim, strategy, and pure fun. It’s not just a game, but an experience, enhancing the festive spirit of every gathering.

Photo Booth

Capture the essence of your Toronto holiday event with our photo booth rental service. More than just snaps, these are memories frozen in time, waiting to be revisited. Our dedicated team takes care of everything, allowing guests to indulge in diverse thematic sessions. Offering both printed keepsakes and digital memories via email, this service is a delightful blend of nostalgia and modernity.

Giant blocks

Embark on a building adventure at your next Toronto holiday party with the world of LEGO®. Dive into a vast play area peppered with 12,000 LEGO® Bricks and 300+ EverBlocks. From constructing fantasies to reliving childhood joys, every moment spent here becomes a cherished memory. Let our team handle the nitty-gritty while you and your guests immerse in unbridled creativity.

Soft Play and
Ball pit

Every Toronto corporate holiday party needs a dedicated space for the littlest guests. Our ball pit and soft play rentals are the epitome of child-centric entertainment. Infused with safety and brimming with excitement, they transform any venue into a toddler’s paradise. Trust us to make your event both child-friendly and supremely entertaining.

Bouncy Castle

No child can resist the allure of a bouncy castle, making it a staple for any Toronto holiday party kids entertainment. A fusion of excitement and joy, our inflatables promise non-stop fun. Tailored to safety standards and designed for unending giggles, it’s the pinnacle of child-centric amusement.


Popcorn machine

Enhance your Toronto corporate holiday party ambiance with the nostalgic aroma and delightful taste of freshly popped corn! Our top-notch popcorn machine is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Along with this exquisite treat, our dedicated staff member ensures smooth operation, from setup to service. With unlimited servings for two hours, the pleasure is truly boundless. And for those who desire an added touch of class, our popcorn cart and Kosher option stand ready to elevate the experience.

French Crêpes

Bring a touch of Parisian charm to your Toronto holiday party with our exquisite homemade crepes, crafted with precision and passion by our partnered French chef. Each crepe, with its delicate texture and sumptuous fillings, promises to transport your guests to the streets of Paris, making every bite an unforgettable journey of flavors.

Coton Candy

Add a swirl of sweetness to your Toronto holiday party kids entertainment lineup with our mesmerizing cotton candy machine rental. Watch as vibrant sugar transforms into fluffy delights right before your eyes. Each serving is a trip back to cherished childhood memories. With unlimited cotton candy for two hours and optional add-ons, we ensure your event is brimming with sugary delights and joyous moments.

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