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A LEGO Birthday Extravaganza in Toronto Unleashing the LEGO® Magic in Every Child!

Unleash Creativity and Imagination with LEGO®

Birthday party best for children from 5 to 11 year old

From Basic Builds to Robotics: Choose Your LEGO® Adventur

Unlock a world of imagination and creativity for your child’s next birthday! We bring the unparalleled joy of LEGO® building right to your doorstep, whether you’re located in Toronto or anywhere in the GTA. Our LEGO® themed parties aren’t just about playing with bricks; they’re about crafting memories, fostering friendships, and kindling a love for STEM in young minds. From classic builds to advanced robotics, our diverse packages cater to every budding builder. Let your child embark on a journey of creativity and fun, guided by our experienced Creative Leaders, and watch as they light up with the unique thrill of creation.

Toronto, get ready for the ultimate creative birthday party experience!

Choose Your Child's Perfect LEGO® Birthday Adventure!

Block Builder Bash

LEGO® Creativity Unleashed
$ 355 +taxes
  • 60 minutes of organized, supervised building and designing with LEGO® bricks.
  • A dedicated Event Activator to lead a group build, like constructing houses for a LEGO® City.
  • The thrill of presenting every crafted structure followed by a Celebration of Achievement.
  • Enlightening Fun Facts about LEGO® to spice up the building time.
  • Capacity for up to 12 kids ensuring a personalized and engaging experience.
  • A special gift reserved for the birthday celebrant.
  • Invitation Card

Robo-Rally Revel

Dynamic LEGO® Robot Fun
$ 495 +taxes
  • 60 minutes of organized, supervised building and designing with LEGO® bricks.
  • An enthusiastic Event Activator to guide the creation of 3-4 robots equipped with movement & sound.
  • Inclusion of robotic sets and iPads.
  • Enlightening Fun Facts about LEGO® to spice up the building time.
  • Capacity for up to 12 kids ensuring a personalized and engaging experience.
  • A special gift reserved for the birthday celebrant.
  • Invitation cards

Mega Block Bonanza

Ultimate LEGO® & EverBlock® Adventure
$ 840 +taxes
  • An extended 75-minute program focusing on both LEGO® bricks and Canada's largest, most thrilling Giant Blocks, EverBlocks.
  • Two Event Activators spearheading the group LEGO® build and an exciting group build using Everblocks.
  • Enlightening Fun Facts about LEGO® to spice up the building time.
  • A giant sign of your child’s name constructed with Everblocks (space permitting).
  • Welcoming up to 18 kids to be part of this grand celebration.
  • A special gift reserved for the birthday celebrant.
  • Invitation cards

Add ons

  • mini figure lego birthday party
    LEGO® mini-figure factory
    $12 per child
    Each child gets their own mini-figure as a party favor.
  • Kid Lego birthday party keepsake
    Build Your First Initial Out of LEGO®
    $10 per child
    Each child gets to build and take home their initial.
  • Lego birthday party Toronto
    Additional child
    Expecting more than 12 kids at your party? We've got you covered! ($20 for the Mega block Bonanza)
  • Face Painting
    Starts at $250
    Transform your STEAM party into a canvas of creativity with our professional face painting service! For just $250, the first 10 kids can become anything from astronauts to animals, making your child's STEAM adventure even more memorable. And for the little explorers who join beyond that, it's just an additional $12 per child.

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Your LEGO® Birthday Party Guide: Frequent Questions Addressed

Where does The Fun Master operate?

Our entertainers and artists, whether they’re LEGO® Creative Leaders, magicians, face painters, or any other specialists, travel to your chosen venue, bringing along all the necessary supplies. This includes a special gift for the birthday child. We do not have a physical location; instead, we bring the fun to you wherever you are in Toronto and the GTA!

How do I book a party with The Fun Master?

Booking a party with us is straightforward. Simply fill out the form located at the bottom of this page. Once completed, you’ll receive a detailed email containing all the necessary information. To finalize your booking, a $100 deposit is required. Please note that our booking operates on a “first come, first served” basis. This means your party isn’t officially booked until we’ve received the deposit. However, we understand how special these occasions are, so we’ll do our best to tentatively hold the date for you if you express interest.

How does The Fun Master manage cancellations?

When you book with The Fun Master, we earmark that specific time solely for your celebration, ensuring you receive our finest service. If circumstances arise where you must cancel your booking, be aware that the deposit is non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule within 14 days of the event, we’ll retain 50% of the deposit. We value your understanding, which allows us to uphold our dedication to excellence for every client.

What should we provide for the Event Activator?

Our leaders prefer using tables since they offer ample space for spreading out the LEGO® and building comfortably. But, if you don’t have tables available, the floor works too, as long as it’s a flat surface. Ultimately, it’s the parent’s decision.

Can we book a party if we're outside of the Toronto and GTA region?

Absolutely! Our team travels directly to you. Do note, depending on your location, a travel fee might be applicable. When reaching out, kindly mention your area so we can inform you about any associated travel costs.

What if more kids attend than initially anticipated?

We appreciate receiving a final count roughly 5 days before the party. Still, we understand unexpected guests. Additional children can be accounted for at the party’s end, payable directly by e-transfer to Elvine ([email protected])

Do attendees get to keep their LEGO® creations?

While our packages don’t permit children to keep their main LEGO® builds, we do provide some fantastic add-ons for keepsakes. Dive into our LEGO® mini-figure factory at $10 per child, allowing each participant to take home their unique mini-figure. Alternatively, opt for the ‘Build Your First Initial Out of LEGO®’ experience, also at $10 per child, giving them a personalized LEGO® memento of the party.

When's the ideal time for the LEGO® session during the party?

We suggest commencing the LEGO® segment about 15 minutes post the stipulated arrival time for guests. This ensures latecomers don’t miss out. In a 2-hour party, our 1-hour LEGO® activity leaves ample time for cake-cutting and other festivities.

Can we make payments via phone credit cards?

At The Fun Master, security is our utmost priority. For this reason, we do not accept payments over the phone. We exclusively accept online payments through Paypal and Interac E-Transfers. If choosing the Interac E-Transfer method, please send payments to [email protected]. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring safe transactions.

Is adult supervision needed during the LEGO® activity?

Parties for kids aged 5 and below require adult oversight. If the party takes place at an external venue, a parent must be present, ensuring all kids stay within the venue. We welcome parents to observe and particularly to witness the kids’ final LEGO® presentation (offered in certain packages).

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