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"Video Call Party"
Your virtual birthday party solution!

Online birthday party is more than just virtual fun

A 100% online birthday party.

The Fun Master has created a 100% online birthday solution just for your kids.

We can put you in touch with real artists who offer to perform their live shows through a webcam, especially for you and your friends by connecting at the same time to enjoy the show and celebrate your birthday together.

If you don’t want to learn about how we come up with the idea of a virtual birthday, skip the next paragraph 👇

How we come up with this idea of virtual parties?

Tomorrow is John’s birthday; he should be happy and super exited just thinking about how much fun he will have, because his parents organized an incredible birthday party for his 10th birthday! But John has a problem – he was born in March. Until now it had never been a problem for him, it’s actually even nice to be born in March. When the spring weather returns, he can sometimes organize a birthday party in the backyard, warmed by the first light of a risen sun or have a pyjama party at home with his best friends and eat tons of Timbits. But in 2020, John have to spend his birthday in isolation at home, without friends, because like all of us, John and his family are confined. He will have to stay confined to home for at least 2 weeks. It’s an incredible mess…!

John’s parents had already imagined everything to create a perfect birthday party: the invitations they had carefully prepared, the ice cream cake they ordered from Dairy Queen and even the reservation of an entertainer to keep the kids busy.

They had not counted on this virus which arrived from the other side of the world. At first, John’s friends worried about Covid-19, called to say they couldn’t come to his birthday. And then it’s the entertainer who has to cancel. And finally, it was the Prime Minister himself who spoke on TV to tell him that his birthday will have to be postponed for an indefinite period.

John’s parents are trying to put things into perspective, but they can see the disappointment in their son’s eyes, which only saw the tip of the iceberg… tomorrow is John’s birthday.

Thankfully, today we have the solution to John’s problem. Today is not too late and we are determined to give John the 10th birthday he deserves.

Virtual birthday party

Real Fun

$175 tax included
1 hour of virtual entertainment via ZOOM video call for birthday child and unlimited friends
Your choice of entertainment
Digital invitations
$25 donation to birthday Angels
a GTA charity organizes birthday parties for children living in shelters
Video keepsake of your party

Our themes

Magic show and Workshop
Science Experience
Zoo - exotic animals
Dance party
Group Sing Along (for 0-6 year old)
Yoga and mindfulness
Raised for charity

Party requirements

Make sure to have

A device connected to internet
A webcam
Audio turned on
An adult to help set up

*Our virtual parties are for kids up to 12 years old




$40 (+ shipping)
Box includes 3-4 fun items
Choose area of interest: Arts & Crafts, Games, Toys, Science or Surprise Me



$60 (+ shipping)
Box includes 5-6 fun items
Choose area of interest: Arts & Crafts, Games, Toys, Science or Surprise Me

Basic cookie box


$40 (+ shipping)

12 cookies

2 chocolate Chip
2 Chocolate Thunder
2 Oreo B-Day cake
2 Cinnamon Bun Crunch
2 Nutella Gusher
2 Funfetti Cheesecake
A window box with ribbon and sizzle decoration

Deluxe basket


$60 (+ shipping)

12 cookies

2 chocolate Chip
2 Chocolate Thunder
2 Oreo B-Day cake
2 Cinnamon Bun Crunch
2 Nutella Gusher
2 Funfetti Cheesecake
A golden gift basket with ribbon and sizzle decoration
RAINBOW BOX - $65 (tax and shipping already included)
  • 8 11″ Rainbow Dinner Plates
  • Rainbox cake topper
  • 4ft mini glitter Happy Birthday garland
  • 12 multicoloured beeswax candles 
STEM BOX - $65 (tax and shipping already included)
  • 8 10″ Robot Dinner Plates
  • Silver Sparkle Happy Birthday banner
  • 16 Blue/Green Sparkled candles
PRINCESS BOX - $80 (tax and shipping already included)
  • 8 pink and gold party fans
  • 4ft mini glitter Happy Birthday garland
  • Magical Princess cake toppers
  • 16 pink glitter dipped candles
ICE CREAM BOX - $80 (tax and shipping already included)
  • 8 coral and mint party fans
  • 3 ice cream honeycomb hanging decorations
  • pastel Happy Birthday candles
  • 12 Disposable ice cream cups and spoons
DANCE + DISCO BOX - $85 (tax and shipping already included)
  • 10ft colour fringe banner
  • 4 mint party fans
  • 16 gold sparkled candles
SINGLE PILLAR Organic Balloon Garland - $199*
  • runs approximately 10ft
  • for porches with single rail or pillar
  • fully customizable colour scheme
DOUBLE PILLAR Organic Balloon Garland - $299*
  • runs approximately 14-18ft
  • appropriate for entries with double rails or 2 vertical pillars
  • fully customizable colour scheme
EXTENDED DOUBLE PILLAR Organic Balloon Garland - $399*
  • Runs approximately 19-24ft
  • appropriate for entries with extra long stairway (more than 5 steps)
  • Fully customizable colour scheme

*prices do not include travel fees, if applicable

The press loves us

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Customer reviews

Great virtual party! Engaging and fun!

Our daughter’s party went well! The kids were engaged and the magician was entertaining! With six year olds, we thought the zoom call might not hold their attention but it did and they all appeared to be having fun. Thanks for making it a memorable party!

A & R

May 25, 2020

Highly Recommended

The Fun Master hosted a virtual party for my daughter’s 7th birthday. He was not only a great magician but a terrific entertainer. Funny, great disposition, and a genuinely nice guy. I never imagined hosting a virtual birthday party, but given the circumstances we still wanted to celebrate my daughter’s birthday all the while making it memorable and special. Elvine helped us do both. [...] Highly highly recommend Elvine. You won’t be disappointed! The video link of the entire birthday is a very nice touch and keepsake.


May 10, 2020

From the birthday girl - It was a 10!

Elvine kept my 11 year old daughter and her friends entertained. His show was age appropriate and interactive. My daughter is still practicing her new magic trick and I received a lot of positive feedback from the other parents. Since in person parties are not possible at this time I would recommend this as a fun alternative.


April 19, 2020

Great birthday party in a troubled time

The fun master managed to entertain all the children and adults, and keep them amazed and concentrated for one hour, I was impressed. My daughter loved her birthday and had a great time despite the self isolation. This online birthday was the best. Thanks so much.


April 6, 2020