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A Halloween story for kids

Are you looking for a story suitable for your children? Do you want to give them a thrill? Then keep reading !

Justine Varin - Writer

An awesome Halloween story

Children love stories, especially when they are related to a particular theme. Halloween is the perfect time for storytelling and scaring youngsters.

However, it can be difficult to find a good story that is both interesting and scary, but that doesn’t traumatise your children either.

The key is adaptation! Children change quickly and are not sensitive to the same things at different ages, so it is important to choose carefully.

If you are looking for an adapted Halloween story, you have come to the right place! The Fun Master offers an adapted story for all age.

Our story is suitable for all children up to the age of 10/11, which is very practical.

The Fun Master wishes you a good, creepy read!

Baba-Yaga the witch

In the middle of the Russian forests in a small hamlet lived a little girl who no longer had a mother. Her father had remarried to a wicked stepmother who hated the little girl and played evil tricks on her. The wicked woman thought, “How can I get rid of the little girl?

One day, while her father was at the market, she asked the girl to go to her sister’s house and ask for a needle and thread to make a shirt. The girl complied. On the way, the little girl thought she would first go to her real aunt, her real mother’s sister, before going to the sister of the stepmother to ask her advice.

Her aunt was delighted to receive her.
Auntie,” said the little girl, “Daddy’s new wife sent me to her sister’s house to ask for a needle and thread to sew me a shirt. But first I came to ask you for some good advice.

– You were right. Your stepmother’s sister is none other than Baba Yaga, the cruel witch! But listen to me: there is a birch tree in her garden that will want to whip your eyes with its branches, tie a ribbon around its trunk. You’ll see a big squeaky gate that will want to close by itself, put oil on its hinges. Dogs will want to eat you, throw them some bread. Finally, you’ll see a cat that would poke your eyes out, give it a piece of ham.
– Thank you very much, Auntie,” replied the little girl.

The little girl walked for a long time before arriving at Baba Yaga’s house.

“Hello, Auntie.
– Hello, niece.
– My mother sent me to ask you for a needle and thread so that she can sew me a shirt.
– Well, I’ll go and get you a straight needle and white thread. In the meantime, sit down in my place and weave.
The little girl obediently began to weave.

The little girl’s ears overheard a conversation between Baba Yaga and her servant: “Heat the bath and wash my niece thoroughly. I want to eat her for dinner.”

The little girl shivered. The maid came in and brought logs and a basin of water. Only the little girl was clever and she said to the maid: “Hey, maid, split less wood, and use a colander to bring the water!” She gave her red coat to the maid.

A bright fire began to blaze in the fireplace, the water began to sing in the cauldron, and although it was ogre water, it sang a lovely song. Impatient, Baba Yaga asked: “Are you weaving, my niece? Are you weaving, my dear?
– I am weaving, aunt, I am weaving.”

“Your children will love this Slavic tale of Baba Yaga the witch…”

In silence, the little girl got up and went to the door… But the cat was there, thin, black, frightening! With its green eyes it looked into the little girl’s blue eyes. And already he was pulling out his claws to gouge them out. The little girl, under the advice of her real aunt, gave him a piece of ham and asked him calmly: “Tell me, please, how can I escape from Baba Yaga?
The cat first swallowed the ham, then licked his lips and replied, “Take this comb and towel and run away. Baba-Yaga will chase you. Stick your ear to the ground, if you hear her approaching, throw the towel away, and you’ll see! If she is still chasing you, stick your ear to the ground again, and when you hear her on the road, throw away the comb, and you will see!
The little girl thanked the cat, took the towel and the comb and ran away.

As soon as she stepped out of the doorway, she saw two dogs, even skinnier than the cat, intent on eating her alive. She gave them some soft bread and they did not let her escape.

Then the girl pushed the gate, which creaked and tried to close to prevent her from escaping from the garden. Following her aunt’s advice, she poured oil on the hinges and the gate opened without difficulty. On the way, the birch tree whistled and fluttered to whip her eyes. But she tied a red ribbon to its trunk, and the birch thanked her and showed her the way.

She ran as fast as she could. Meanwhile, the cat had started to weave. From the courtyard Baba-Yaga asked again: “Are you weaving, my niece? Are you weaving, my dear?
– I am weaving, old aunt, I am weaving,” replied the cat in a loud voice.
In a mad rage, Baba-Yaga rushed into the house. The little one has disappeared! She got angry with the cat and shouted: “Why didn’t you gouge her eyes out, you traitor?

– Eh said the cat. I’ve been in your service for a long time, and you’ve never given me a single bone, while she gave me ham!”
Baba-Yaga yelled at the dogs.

“-Eh ! said the dogs. We have been in your service for a long time and you have only thrown us an old crust? Whereas she gave us soft bread!”

Baba-Yaga shook the gate.

“-Hey! said the gate. I have been in your service for a long time, and you have never put a single drop of oil on the hinges, while she has poured a whole jar of it on me!”

Baba-Yaga attacked the birch tree.

“-Hey! said the birch. I have been in your service for a long time, and you have never decorated me with a thread, while she has adorned me with a beautiful silk ribbon!”

“-And I, said the maid, who was not asked to do anything, “during these long years I have been in your service, I have never received from you even a rag, while she has given me a pretty red kerchief!”

Baba-Yaga called her cart, which arrived in a flash, and she jumped in. She brushed off the tyre tracks and raced after the little girl through the forest.

The girl pressed her ear to the ground and heard Baba Yaga approaching. So she swung the towel and it became a big river! Baba-Yaga was forced to stop.

She screamed with rage, ran to her house, got her three oxen out of the stable and brought them to the river. And the oxen drank all the water to the last drop. Then Baba-Yaga resumed her mad dash.

The little girl had had time to get away, but when she pressed her ear to the ground. She heard the cart on the road. She threw the comb on the ground which turned into a thick black forest! Baba-Yaga tried to penetrate it by cutting the trees with her teeth. But she couldn’t! The little girl listened carefully: not a sound. She could only hear the wind blowing between the green and black fir trees of the forest.

But she did not stop her mad rush, she kept running because the night was chasing the day and she thought: “My father must think I am lost.

The father, back from the market, had asked his wife: “Where is the child?
– Who knows!” replied the wicked mother-in-law. I sent her to her aunt’s house to run an errand hours ago. Finally, the little girl, red as a tomato and exhausted, arrived at her father’s house. He asked her:
“Where are you from, my little one?
– Ah!” she said. Little father, my mother sent me to my aunt’s house to get a needle and thread to sew me a shirt, but my aunt is Baba-Yaga, the cruel ogress!

And she told all her misadventures. The old man was furious. He chased the stepmother out of his house and asked her never to set foot in his house again.

Since that day, the little girl and her father have lived happily together. I went to their village, they invited me to dinner, the meal was delicious and everyone was happy.

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