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The best free online book sites for kids

Justine Varin - Writer

A digital revolution in the world of reading

For a few years now, the world has been totally revolutionized by digital advances and reading has not been exempted! Although some people prefer paper books, it is now possible to read digital books.

Digital books have many advantages. First, they don’t take up space and they don’t clutter up your home when you’re done reading them. Secondly, they are generally cheaper than paper books and it is even possible to find them for free!

How do you read digital books? It’s very simple! You can invest in an e-reader and download books onto it. But the most economical option is to use the free websites available on the web!

You don’t know which website to turn to? This is perfect! The Fun Master knows some great sites that offer free online books for kids.

You will find in the first part of the article sites for books in French and in the second part of the article links to sites offering books in English.

Books in French


This website is absolutely outstanding! First of all, the choice is totally crazy, thousands of free books are available and this site is only dedicated to digital books for children.

eBooKids is a playful platform where the youngest can navigate without any difficulty. Children can be totally independent on this site.

The big plus of eBooKids are its categories, it is very easy to find a book that corresponds to the expectations of your little blonde head. All you have to do is browse through the many categories such as “Tales”, “News” or “Music”.

“Free ebooks are the reading of tomorrow.”

Livres pour tous

In spite of its old-fashioned interface,  Livre Pour Tous is a very good site to make your children enjoy free online books.

What The Fun Master editorial staff really appreciated about Livre Pour Tous is the choice of books on the front page. Indeed, they are literary classics but adapted to children, for example “20 000 places under the sea” by Jules Verne or “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll.

Livre Pour Tous is a very good site to help your children to orientate themselves towards the reading of the great classics while gently.

Canopé Académie de Strasbourg

The Canopé Académie de Strasbourg  is a website offering free digital books especially for 10-14 years old. This website is perfect for middle school students!

La Canopé Académie de Strasbourg has put the emphasis on the school aspect. Many books studied in secondary school are available there.

Although this platform is not very playful and the proposed readings are quite serious. The Canopé Académie de Strasbourg proves to be a superb support for study since many complementary sheets and literary analyses are present. It is also possible to have access to books in English.

Livres en anglais

Barnes & Nobles

As you can guess from its name, Barnes & Noble is a website where you can find free digital books for children but in English.

This website is a reference in the English-speaking world and is very popular because it offers books suitable for all ages and all levels.

Barnes & Nobles is very appreciated for its diversity, you will find without any difficulty the book which will correspond to your child.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is an absolutely great site not only for kids but also for parents. This site offers a wide selection of free books for children.

Oxford Owl is perfectly suited for children’s educational follow-up as it also offers many tips and guides to teach parents how to teach reading to young children and to follow their progress.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is excellent for the most reluctant of children to read. In fact, the books are available as audios or videos.

The best part? The voices are dubbed by famous actors such as Eva Longoria or Kevin Costner.

This site can be interesting if your child refuses to read, it can make him/her want to discover stories and finally start reading. Your child can also follow the audio book with the real book in his hands.

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