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The 5 commandments of the green Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and you want to do the planet a favour? Read our article to learn more about responsible and ecologic Christmas.

Justine Varin - Writer

Christmas isn't green ?

And no! Christmas is a very joyful moment for families but certainly not for the planet.

Christmas time produces a lot of consumption of all kinds: transportation, gifts, paper, food, trees… In short, it is generally the time of the year when we pollute the most.

No need to feel guilty, there are very simple tricks to make your Christmas much more ecological. In addition, most of our tips will also help you to eat better, to participate in the local economy or save money.

All of our tips are easily achievable no matter what you can afford or where you live.

Want to do something good for the planet? Read our 5 commandments.

Commandment 1: The tree

Contrary to what you might think, buying an artificial tree is not at all ecological! In fact, its carbon footprint is such that you would have to keep it for at least 20 years to make it more eco-friendly than a real tree.

The best thing to do is to opt for a real tree while being clever enough to reduce your carbon footprint and avoid participating in deforestation. First, find out about the company from which you buy your tree. In general, local stores and small businesses are more responsible than supermarkets. Local also ensures that the tree has not been transported too far.

The ultimate solution? If you can and have a green thumb, you can grow a real tree in a huge pot so you can reuse the same tree every year.

Commandment 2: The gift wrap

Yes, gift wrap is often very pretty, but it really is a major source of waste. If you think about it, gift paper has no use except for wrapping and often has a limited life span and is not reusable.

The best thing to do is to wrap your gifts in old newspaper! And contrary to what you might think, it’s not so ugly. Most importantly, you will save money and the planet will thank you.

“During the holiday season be gentle with the planet!”

Commandment 3: Setting the table

Clearly, forget about anything that is disposable or that you will never use again.

Invest in a real tablecloth, use real flatware and avoid unnecessary decorations that you won’t use again.

If you like to change your Christmas table decorations every year, you can buy used tableware and decorations on Facebook Market for example. This tip can also let you clearing out your house and make money by reselling some of the items you won’t use anymore.

Commandment 4: The choice of gifts

It is often more difficult to make compromises on gifts for your loved ones and your children.

It’s all in the choice to limit the breakage in terms of gifts. Give good quality gifts that will last over time. Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones what they would like to have, this will avoid a useless gift that will end up in a cupboard and then in the trash.

For your children, choose wooden toys rather than plastic ones. Then, stay tuned to know what their real desires are, children have many passing desires.

If you buy new gifts, try to go for local and ethical brands.

On Facebook Market or around you, thanks to flea markets and resourceries it is possible to find second hand toys in perfect condition and often for very low prices.

Commandment 5: The Christmas meal

The watchword? Local! Eat local! Your meal will be much better and healthier.

Don’t hesitate to choose your products from local merchants or markets. If you do some shopping in supermarkets, ban processed products and plastic as much as possible.

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