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Summer Activity:
Bubble Snake

Elvine Assouline - Founder

DYI - Bubble Snake

The bubble snake is an original idea to make this summer with your children! Create beautiful bubble snakes with water and dish soap by following our detailed DYI tutorial. This is an activity that will certainly appeal to children in this very hot weather!

Duration: 45 minutes

* from 5 years old

Material to make this Bubble Snake Creature

To get started you will need a small bottle of water, a pair of scissors, dishwashing liquid, and a sock. So it’s time to use this sock that has lost its double ☺.

Plastic bottle



Dishwashing liquid

Are you ready?

Step 1: Cutting the bottle

You need to cut off the bottom of your bottle. Here is a small, easy-to-cut water bottle. I recommend this type of bottle with soft plastic, rather than a thicker soda bottle.

Step 2: The sock

Stretch the sock and slide it over the cutout end of the water bottle. Unroll the sock to the end, then fold the top of the sock down to make a hem.

Step 3: The bubble recipe

Most important! The recipe for making beautiful soap bubbles. 🧼 👨🏽‍🍳

Here’s how I made the mixture.
– 4 doses of water
– 1/4 dose of powdered sugar (to thicken).
Dissolve the sugar before continuing, then add:
– 1 dose of dishwashing liquid

Step 4: Have fun making bubble snakes

You now have all the necessary items to make your bubble snakes.

Just dip the end of the sock in your soap bubble mix and blow through the neck to pop the bubble snake.

The creature: Personalize your bubble snake maker

With a little imagination and some ingenuity, you can very easily customize your creations to make it more fun! It only takes a few extra minutes and the final result is so cool!.

When looking at your basic bubble snake, you can notice right away that the long neck of your bottle made an especially great creature shape. So grab some foam sheets, plugged in the glue gun and in a few minutes, your little monster is born… Let me introduce you to M. fox, who love saying: “he’s pooping foam”! 😉

After having fun with M. fox, you can create a variant and make another creature more ferocious, with colored bubbles for effect!

Same process as for M. fox, but for the colored bubbles, you can use food coloring on the sock.

Developmental skills for the kids

Believe it or not, this activity is heavy in the cognitive development area. They have to figure out how to coordinate their breathing to blow bubble snakes without sucking them back into the bottle. Solving problems both during the construction and the realization of bubble snakes and then draw conclusions about how to create the long bubble “snakes”. As kids become old enough to help create the bubble snake tool, they can deduce the perfect length of the bottle for optimum performance, how best to secure the fabric to the bottle, what shapes/sizes of bottles work best, and how to create the most colorful bubbles using food coloring or other art media.  Going through the process of making the bubble snake maker look like a creature takes planning and strategy and imagination. It involves important fine motor skills through cutting, tracing, etc. And…. IT’S FUN!