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Plan a Special Thanksgiving for Kids (Printable)

Coming up with Thanksgiving traditions yourself will create memories for your kids that they will always hold dear. Download our printable ABC below.

Happy thanksgiving

Creating great Thanksgiving traditions for your Family

As you know, Thanksgiving is mostly about eating a big turkey dinner and sharing time with your family and your loved ones.
So, this is one of the best opportunities for introducing your favourite traditions to your kids. They can be traditions from your own childhood or even new family traditions you started. Creating memorable Thanksgiving moments can be as easy as taking the whole family apple picking or bringing the kids to a pumpkin patch, for example.

Thanksgiving traditions center around family for the most part, so you can also think back to your childhood. What kinds of things did your parents or grandparents do on Thanksgiving? Were there any special craft projects for children, or games, decorations, or foods? It’s a great occasion for the kids to connect with their grandparents! So let’s dig out those home-grown customs and celebrate them with the entire family.

Thanksgiving activities - Print your ABC

Thanksgiving is a day to feel truly grateful and appreciative of all that we have in our lives. As adults, this is a pretty easy concept to get, but for kids, the message isn’t quite as clear yet.
Games are such a great way to teach kids. Why not start a newnThanksgiving tradition?

Here’s a fun, printable ABC activity to remind kids they have plenty to be thankful for. It’s a free printable to share thankfulness, beginning with the letter “A” and working our way through the alphabet–all the way to “Z”.

You can also turn everyone’s gratitude into a little family competition with a “thankful game.” It’s a family Thanksgiving activity, I found posted on Reddit, where everyone writes down what they’re thankful for on a piece of paper, puts it in a jar and then have everyone guess whose thought is whose.

Are you sure to get everyone cracking up? You bet. Now that’s something to be thankful for.