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The fun master has arrived in Toronto

A new event agency has arrived. Be ready for a new era of kids entertainment in Toronto – GTA

Elvine Assouline - Founder

After a long day at work you are looking forward to relaxing at home, but your day is not over yet. After leaving the office in a rush to pick up the kids, you need to prepare dinner before taking them to their activities.

Back at home, and after the kids ask you for something to eat because they didn’t touch their dinner, and after hunting for their very special stuffy, it’s finally  bedtime but you realize they need a shower tonight!  

The kids finally fall asleep, and you hope to rest a bit and take care of yourself…..but you still need to organize one of their birthday parties for next week! Although you are tired, you still need to figure a few things out before going to bed.

You want the best for them, so you start making a list:

  • Make a guest list
  • Location – Indoor? Maybe Outdoor?
  • Food? I think I can make it myself… will I have time? Ordering pizza is maybe safer.
  • Pops – juice. How many?
  • Birthday cake – Chocolate?
  • Goodies
  • Cups – Plates – napkins
  • Invitation cards
  • Decorations
  • How can I keep the kids busy? Hire someone? Who? for what?
  • Theme?
  • What time?
  • How long?
  • Clean the house
  • Make sure the camera is ready

Well, don’t fret, The Fun Master can save you from this nightmare of organizing a party! We will save you time by organizing the event and entertaining the kids, as this is what we do best!

Directly imported from Paris, this event agency aims to bring the French know-how to kids events in the GTA.

The Fun Master will organize original events for kids including  birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, escape games at your home, solutions for taking care of kids at weddings. We also offer solutions for office holiday parties, corporate events, family events, concierge services and more. 

“Create memories with your kids, they will repay you ten-fold with their laughter and love, hugs and smiles​”