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How to Assemble Easter Baskets Everyone will Love

Make beautiful baskets full of goodies for all your loved ones

Elvine Assouline - Founder

Easter baskets can be fun and easy to make!

With Easter around the corner, it is always good to plan in advance and have some things on your checklist completed. An Easter basket is a party favorite and is customizable to suit the personality and liking of your guests. 

It isn’t too early to get the Easter baskets ready unless you are planning to add fresh or perishable food items to the basket. A good basket is also helpful in keeping the kids occupied and entertained.

Thinking of what to include in an Easter basket can be tough work, especially if you want each one to be specially customized. Buying gifts for young adults or teens can be even more stressful because nothing is worse than getting someone a gift they don’t like.

Don’t fret! We got your back with this list of Easter baskets you can make easily. Take a look at all the fun themes you can decorate your basket with while also including exciting goodies:

Easter rabbits peeping out of a basket

1. Garden starter-kit Easter basket

What better way to be an advocate for the environment than giving out gardening kits which double as a fun and educating exercise for all ages. The assembly of this basket only requires a trip to the gardening store or a local nursery.

If you do not find readymade garden starting kits at the store, it will only take a minute more to assemble one. All you need are a few tools, soil, pots, seeds and if needed you can also include gardening gloves, a small watering can, or other accessories.

Depending on the size of the basket, you can also add a small potted plant along with the gardening kit or only tools and seeds along with a bunch of delicious goodies.

Gardening tools and gloves

2. Gnome Garden Basket

This Easter basket will definitely be a favorite among the kids as it has a lot of colorful and lively elements. It is a basket that holds a miniature world filled with wonderful surprises at every level, from top to bottom.

For this cute and colorful curation, you will need enough candy to make a firm base for the scenery. Lay a green tissue paper over the candy base and begin decorating it with Easter eggs, chocolate rabbits, and little gnome figurines.

If gnome figurines are not available in your local craft stores, you can always add plastic Easter eggs with colorful conical paper caps on the top to represent gnomes. You can always get creative and continue adding decoration as you see fit.

Gnome in an Easter basket

3. Spa day basket

Everyone needs a bit of pampering every now and then! A basket with not only delectable treats but also spa-day products is bound to make your guests feel loved and cared for.

This basket can be quickly assembled if you can find home spa kits at general stores near you. If you can’t find readymade kits, all you need to do is collect a few products to add to your hamper. 

You can also order the required products online or ask the staff of the store to help you get the best products for your special basket.

A basket full of colorful Easter eggs

4. Artist’s Easter Basket

If you have guests you know have the potential to be great artists, then this curation is perfect for them. From painting equipment to craft supplies, this basket can be a treat and a reward!

A local craft store will have everything you need and you can customize it according to what the artist needs. For example – you can include a coloring kit along with an Easter-themed coloring book and maybe add molding clay to bring out an extra flair of creativity.

DIY Easter basket making kit

5. DIY activity basket

This idea is perfect for a last-min effort to assemble a basket or if you don’t have time to assemble one yourself. All you have to do is provide the supplies to make a basket, give a few ideas or have an example ready and leave the rest to the guests.

For this, you will need ready-made baskets, craft supplies like colorful crepe or tissue paper, ribbons of varied colors, and Easter-themed candy. 

Keep all these supplies laid out in an accessible spot and let the guests help themselves to the supplies to make their own fun baskets.

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