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Fun Facts about Easter and Activities to do With Your Kids

Stressed about upcoming Easter celebrations? Don’t be! Cause we have prepared a fun-filled list of activities planned to make this holiday most memorable.

Elvine Assouline - Founder

Easter season is near!

Being a family holiday, every generation has nostalgic stories and fond memories of Easter parties they were a part of. Everyone loves parties that are engaging and have activities for all ages, it helps bring a family closer while also creating memories that will be cherished forever.

Here are a few unique yet super entertaining activities that you can include in your party:

Children searching for Easter eggs

1. Play ‘Chick, chick, bunny’

Instead of hosting the regular Easter egg hunt where kids run around searching an area for Easter eggs, put a new spin on it. This game is similar to ‘duck, duck, goose’. The difference is that if the person being chased escapes the chaser, they get 30 seconds to search for as many eggs as they can find.

This game is suitable for big spaces as well as small as it is flexible and can be customized to fit the area you want to set it up in. Children will definitely love this high-energy game.

Child dancing at Easter party

2. Make everyone do Easter-themed exercises

There’s nothing more fun than watching everyone try to do silly exercises, especially when it’s a mixed crowd of varied ages.

For this you will need to write an Easter-themed action or word on a piece of paper, fold it and put it in a bowl. Make as many chits as you want keeping in mind that it should be simple, silly and do-able by all. For example – You can include the action ‘bunny hops’ and everyone has to simply jump around like bunnies.

Here’s a few more words and actions you can use:

  • Roly-poly eggs
  • Duck walks
  • Sleepy chicks
  • Hungry rabbits
  • Clucking chickens

3. Candy games are a great way to grab the attention of all children

Children love candy and the moment they see it, their attention is set wholly on it. Games that include candy will definitely be a show-stealer! For this, you will have to separate the children into teams. The objective of the game is to transport candy from point “a” to point “b” using a small spoon. The team with the most amount of candy wins a special Easter surprise or maybe more candy!

Children looking at their Easter candy loot

4. Make everyone tap into their inner artist

Everyone can be an artist! This activity is customizable to include everyone and the end result will definitely be memorable. For younger kids, egg-shaped paper cut-outs can be given to paint and decorate. They can later string up their decorated Easter eggs to make a garland.

For the others, materials for Easter egg painting or egg shell collages can be provided to make interesting works of art. A wall can be dedicated to hanging up these collages for viewing once they are ready.

Children decorating Easter eggs

5. Host an Easter egg rolling race with your nose

This game will definitely make everyone laugh and leave everyone with memories to be recalled at every party. The only materials needed for this game are eggs and a nose!

The objective of the game is to get the egg across the room using nothing but your nose. It is advised to have the floor covered in paper or plastic if you choose to use real eggs. Make it clear to the participants that they can not touch the egg with their hands during the game.

Easter Fun Facts:

Apart from these activities, it is always fun to just spend time with those attending the celebration. You can make the whole experience even more enriching and educational for the children by either sharing facts about the holiday or organizing a quiz. 

Here are a few interesting facts you can share with your guests:

  • Decorating easter eggs is a custom that originated in Ukraine and has been practiced there for many centuries.
  • The tradition of wearing new clothes for Easter came from a superstition that states that if someone wore new clothes, it would bring them good luck for the rest of the year.
  • Vegreville, Alberta, Canada is the home of one of the world’s largest easter eggs. It weighs around 1,500 pounds.
  • Easter is celebrated on a different day each year. This is because it is held on the Sunday after the first full moon in the spring equinox.
  • Americans consume over 16 million jelly beans during Easter.
  • Easter and Halloween compete for the highest candy sales in a season.
  • The easter bunny that delivers candy and eggs originated in Germany during the middle ages.
  • During Medieval times, some churches had a tradition of throwing around a hard boiled egg in the church and whoever had it in their hands when the clock struck 12 was the winner of the egg.

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