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"Video Call Party" Your virtual Covid 19 party solution!

Elvine Assouline - Founder

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Live show and magic workshop Sunday, April 5th at 11 am (EST)

What is a virtual party

Petit Party and The Fun Master join forces to offer you a 100% online party.

We can put you in touch with real artists who offer to perform their live shows through a webcam, especially for you and your friends by connecting at the same time to enjoy the show and celebrate your birthday together.

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How is John going to celebrate his birthday?

Tomorrow is John’s birthday; he should be happy and super exited just thinking about how much fun he will have, because his parents organized an incredible birthday party for his 10th birthday! But John has a problem – he was born in March. Until now it had never been a problem for him, it’s actually even nice to be born in March. When the spring weather returns, he can sometimes organize a birthday party in the backyard, warmed by the first light of a risen sun or have a pyjama party at home with his best friends and eat tons of Timbits. But this year, John will have to spend his birthday in isolation at home, without friends, because like all of us, John and his family are confined. He will have to stay confined to home for at least 2 weeks. It’s an incredible mess…!

John’s parents had already imagined everything to create a perfect birthday party: the invitations they had carefully prepared, the ice cream cake they ordered from Dairy Queen and even the reservation of an entertainer to keep the kids busy.

They had not counted on this virus which arrived from the other side of the world. At first, John’s friends worried about Covid-19, called to say they couldn’t come to his birthday. And then it’s the entertainer who has to cancel. And finally, it was the Prime Minister himself who spoke on TV to tell him that his birthday will have to be postponed for an indefinite period.

John’s parents are trying to put things into perspective, but they can see the disappointment in their son’s eyes, which only saw the tip of the iceberg… tomorrow is John’s birthday.

Thankfully, today we have the solution to John’s problem. Today is not too late and we are determined to give John the 10th birthday he deserves.

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Learn more about Petit Party

 The vision behind PetitParty is to create a place where you can cross that annual to-do list off in pretty much one go: search, find and book. And finally after the party itself: share your thoughts with other parents by rating your experience. So the next time a bday rolls around in your household, instead of mad panic and last minute scrambling…you can just visit the site and get ‘er done and done.