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Elvine Assouline - Founder


For Father’s Day, make the most beautiful garland!

You don’t need much to make the most beautiful “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” garlands on Father’s Day.

Get ready, fire, cut!

Duration : 30 minutes

* From 5 years old

Material to make this "Father's Day Garland"


Colored papers


Hole punch

Are you ready?

Step 1: Cut out the letters from the “Happy Father's Day” garland

Draw the outlines of the letters “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” in different coloured paper, then cut out the outlines of the letters.

Step 2: Pierce the letters of the garland

To hang your letters on the garland’s string, you are going to need to perforate at the top of each letter. The hole punch will help you make regular holes. In case you don’t have a hole punch, use the tip of the scissors or a pen. Be careful not to scratch your hands full of fingers 😉

Step 3: Hang your letters

All the letters are cut out, all the holes are perforated, so now it’s time to pass the string through each letter hole. Pay attention to the order of the letters 🙂

Step 4: Happy Father's Day

Space your letters well and hang the garland on a wall, on a staircase or in another place, where dad will not risk missing it!
It only remains for me to wish an excellent Father’s Day to all the dads around the world!

Father's Day poem

A poem is a nice touch, whether for Father’s Day, for a birthday or simply to say “I love you dad”.

We can, therefore, for this special occasion, print a small poem to put it in a beautiful card to recite it on D-Day. This will make your dad happy and melt his heat.

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