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Cute Valentine's
activities for kids

Elvine Assouline - Founder

5 Valentine's activities your kids will love

While you are already showing your children how much you love them daily, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to shower them with a little bit of extra attention and affection.

There are so many ways to show them how much you care that can be original and fun and don’t have to include expensive candy and gifts. Here are some healthy and educational ideas your children are sure to love in return! (Downloadable printables available).

Valentine printable for kids

Play for keeps.

Download Free Printables Valentines games and activities and complete them together. Four lovely games to print – an amazing maze, wordsearch game,  color sheet and a word scramble.

Healthy homemade treats

Eat up all the love.

This Valentine’s Day can show your kids a whole lotta love without a whole lotta sugar. Making treats together can be a fun activity, allowing you to work together as a family with a tasty reward at the end! Try some of these healthy dessert recipes.

Decorate your house

Wear your heart on your walls.​

Another great way to get into the festive, Valentine’s Day spirit is to decorate your home. This can be fun for the entire family!  Let your kids help you (or think they are helping you) put up streamers, blow up red and pink balloons, light candles (do it for them if they are too young to do it themself), and put up other festive decorations. Easy Valentine’s Day decoration will definitely spread the love.

“I love you” notes

Send love, not postage required.

Who doesn’t love a special note from a loved one? Even at a young age, children love getting cards or notes. Choose or create age appropriate card that let your children know not just that you love them, but why you love them. They are also fun to collect over the years and a charming way to reflect on memories as they grow up. Why not save and include them in your very own family time capsul  next year?

Handmade Valentine Cards

Seal with a kiss.

If you like to make your own Valentines card, the all-in-one Envelope Valentines could be the way to go. Turning a heart-shape into both a Valentine and an envelope is a delightful way to surprise the card’s recipient.

All you need is some paper, stickers and scissors.

When you are ready, check the detailed steps on Thinkerlab.com