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COVID-19 Friendly Halloween

Covid-19 friendly solution to trick or treating!

Elvine Assouline - Founder

Covid-19 friendly solution to trick or treating!

Looking for a creative solution to contact-less Halloween for your kiddos? We have the DIY for you! This activity is fun for all involved and is a wonderful creative outlet for children!

What you will need:

Big Pumpkin, colourful paints, paint brushes, sharpies, a knife, halloween candy, little baggies, and a big spoon to scoop with!

** It is important to have a tall and fairly wide pumpkin to ensure you can fit the candy inside **

This is a wonderful COVID-19 friendly DIY to ensure your children are able to experience halloween in a safe, happy, and healthy manner! Please make sure your child wears a mask, and to use a wipe to disinfect your child’s candy once you’ve arrived home! Remember to social distance, and most importantly, to have fun!

Step One: Cut the lid of your pumpkin

Step One: Cut open the lid of your pumpkin, and remove as much of the pumpkin as you can! Try your best to get it as clean as possible to avoid pumpkin innards getting stuck to your candy! Have an adult cut the pumpkin open to avoid any bumps, cuts or bruises! (You can roast the pumpkin seeds for a delicious snack later on!) 

Step one of the halloween DYI
Step one of the halloween DYI

Step Two: Draw on your pumpkin

Step Two: Take your sharpie marker, and draw a large mouth, in a shape that suits you best, big enough for a child to reach their hand into. I recommend making a mouth without teeth or pointed edges to ensure the mouth is smooth enough to have the child reach their hand in safely. 

“Create memories with your kids, they will repay you ten-fold with their laughter and love, hugs and smiles​”

Step Three: Cut along the draw lines

Step Three: Have an adult use a knife to cut around along the drawn lines to create the mouth. Please be careful!

Step Three: Cut along the draw lines​

Step Four: Paint your Halloween pumpkin

Step Four: This is the fun part! Chose your favourite colour paint, we suggest a rather light colour to ensure you will be able to see whatever you chose to paint on top, and begin to cover the entire surface of the pumpkin. Of course, this portion of the activity is open to interpretation, and you can be as creative as you would like! What we are offering is simply a guideline. 

Step Four: Paint your Halloween pumpkin​

Step Five: Outline with a marker

Step Five: Time to give our pumpkin some facial features, and a bit of character. Take your marker and outline the eyes of your pumpkin. Make them nice and big or teeny-tiny whatever you would like!

Step Five: Outline with a marker​

Step Six: Filling the outline with paint

Step Six: Take your paintbrush and begin filling in the outline you made with your marker. We suggest using a dark colour to contrast your background colour. Once you have completed filling in your eyeballs, you can take a white paint and give the eye some definition.

Step Seven: Decorate your halloween pumpkin

Step Seven: Time to decorate! Now is the time to add your own creative flare. Add some polka dots, paint a spider web, or ghost on the pumpkins cheek. Add some whiskers to make it a kitten pumpkin, or go crazy and make it a witch pumpkin with a hat!

Step Eight: Individual baggies of candy

Step Eight: Gather your halloween candy and make individual baggies for each child that comes to your house. Open the lid, and place individual baggies of candy into the pumpkin as children approach your doorstep to trick or treat! This ensures that the children are only touching the candy that is meant to be theirs, and you can monitor how much candy each child will receive based on the number of candies you place in your baggie. To ensure you are taking all necessary precautions, and to keep those who will be collecting the candy safe, we recommend using disposable gloves to place the candy in the pumpkin, and to replenish the pumpkin after every trick-or-treater’s arrival. 

**Other pumpkin decoration suggestions would be to make a bat pumpkin! Paint your entire pumpkin black, and give him some spooky fangs. Paint his features in black and white and you could even purchase some bat wings from the dollar store, or cut-out your own using craft paper, and tape them to the back of the pumpkin. Or, make it a cat pumpkin, by painting the pumpkin any colour of your choice, add some painted black whiskers, and make your own cat ears with craft paper, scissors and glue to be stuck to the top of your pumpkin. The options are endless!** 

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