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6 games to entertain your kids during summer break

The vacations are finally here and it’s a real break for the kids. However, the vacations can be long and your children can sometimes get bored. If so, keep reading our article.

Justine Varin - Writer

Looking for ideas to entertain your kids this summer?

The Fun Master is pleased to share with you 6 must-have summer games for kids. Most of the games are best played outdoors, but if you don’t have a backyard or if you are facing a rainy day, you can adapt some of the games for indoor use.

And let’s go for crazy and unforgettable holydays with your kids!

The spoon and the egg

The spoon and the egg? It certainly tells you something, isn’t it?

Well, the game of the spoon and the egg is ancestral, we all played it when we were younger.

For those who need a little refresher, here is what the spoon and egg game is all about:

For this game, you will put the kids in teams if they are enough. For each team, give them a soup spoon and an egg. Before starting the competition, prepare a small circuit that you will explain to the children. You can create the circuit by using objects from the house such as chairs, brooms, basins, or by using naturally occurring elements around you. If you are in a park, for example, it can be trees, trunks…

Once the teams have been formed, the course mapped out and the eggs and spoons in hand, the children can start playing. They take turns running around the course with the egg on the spoon and the spoon in their hand. The goal is to complete a relay without dropping the egg. The first team to complete the relay without dropping the egg wins.

Building a cabin at home

Oops! Are you facing a rainy day and your kids are bored? Don’t worry, The Fun Master will come to your rescue!

Why not challenge your kids to build a cabin with items from around the house? They can use sheets, chairs, cushions or even a table.

The creation of the cabin can lead to a movie session in the cabin or to the reading of fairy stories. This will amaze your children and make that rainy day go very quickly.

“The summer break is the favorite moment of kids and parents!”

The must-have Twister

Children love to play Twister and it allows them to develop their dexterity and flexibility. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the Twister you can organize a two-in-one activity. Indeed, it is possible and very easy to create a Twister and then the children will take great pleasure in playing it.

To build your homemade Twister, use an old white or light colored sheet. Then, draw a row of circles of the same size and equidistant from each other. Repeat this process until the sheet is filled with circles, you can use a bowl to draw the circles correctly. Next, use four colors such as blue, red, green and yellow (typical Twister colors) and paint each row the same color. Make sure that no two adjacent rows are the same color. While the painting is drying you can prepare the cards, use cardboard and cut out the cards with a cutter or knife. On the back of each card, you can leave a mark of paint or write the name of a color and that’s it!

Regarding the rules of the game, one or more children are designated to go on the Twister. The children playing position themselves at the beginning as they wish, with each hand and foot on different circles. The other children then draw cards and indicate the color and which limb the players should place on the colored circle. Children who fall or fail to place their limbs correctly leave the board and switch places with children who have drawn the cards.

The bowling game

You don’t have to go bowling to play bowling or even own real bowling pins. Making a bowling set is a breeze and your little ones will love it!

If you already have bowling pins and balls, it’s easy. Place the pins in a triangle on a flat surface, mark the spot from which the children must shoot. The goal is to knock down as many pins as possible in no more than 2 throws. You can keep a scoreboard with your children. This game is great for them to learn to count and improve their accuracy.

If you don’t have a bowling set, don’t panic, making one is very easy! Remember to keep, the large bottles of water or milk that you drink, the best is when all the bottles are the same. You will need 6 bottles. For the next steps, you’ll need to have some sand and balloons. In order to make the bottle as heavy as a bowling pin, fill them with sand, just be careful that they are not too heavy so that you kids can drop them without too much trouble. As for the balls, if you have baseballs they will do just fine. However, if you don’t, fill the balloons with sand until they are the size and shape of a baseball and tie a knot to close the balloon. This is a great bowling game that your kids will love! And strike!

The treasure hunt

Here is an activity that can be organized indoors and outdoors. The concept of the treasure hunt is based on the search for a treasure, as parents you will have to be a little creative to organize this activity.

If you are organizing a treasure hunt with children under 5 years old, the easiest way is to draw a map of the place where the hunt will take place and to make crosses on the places where the little ones have to go to look for the treasures.

If the children are older, you will have to rack your brains to organize a treasure hunt with good plot and clues, otherwise they may quickly get bored.

Treasures can be small toys or candy. This activity is perfect if you are organizing your child’s birthday party and have a garden.

The water balloons

A seemingly very familiar activity but one that always makes an impression on children. Water balloons are great on hot summer days! Obviously, this activity is only possible outdoors (unless you plan on changing all your furniture and repainting walls entirely).

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