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6 jokes and riddles to entertain your children!

Are you looking for jokes and riddles adapted to youngsters? Perfect! The Fun Master has more than one trick up his sleeve!

Justine Varin - Writer

What is a good joke or riddle for children?

A good joke or a good riddle is above all adapted and accessible to the youngest. Beware, children evolve very quickly and so does their humor. It is possible that a joke will make 8 year olds laugh but not automatically 5 year olds.

Preferably the joke or riddle should be short enough to keep the attention of the little ones.

Jokes and riddles that touch their world are also more successful. Try to find worlds that they know or are sensitive to. For example: animals, everyday objects, familiar places like the bakery…

In short, if you still don’t have anything in mind, The Fun Master knows some very good jokes and riddles that should undoubtedly make your little ones laugh. Let’s go !

Joke, riddle number 1

A rooster lays an egg on a roof, on which side does the egg fall?

None of the sides, since the rooster does not lay.

Joke, riddle number 2

Toto arrives in class on a Monday morning and asks the teacher:

-Teacher, can I be punished for something I didn’t do?

-Of course not, Toto!

-Good, I didn’t do my math homework!

“A good joke will always cheer up your child!”

Joke, riddle number 3

What can go around the world while staying in its corner?

A stamp!

Joke, riddle number 4

I don’t make any noise and yet I wake everyone up, who am I?

The sun.

Joke, riddle number 5

What contains sugar and yet is never sweet?

The sugar bowl.

Joke, riddle number 6

“Mom, I was born in Canada, right?

– Yes, you were.

– And Dad, he was born in China?

– Yes, he was.

– And you, Mom, you were born in France?

– Yes, but why are you asking me all these questions?

– Because I think we were very lucky to meet each other.”

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