How to make your children independent during home office?

How to make your children independant during home office ?

Covid-19, work from home and school closures make your daily life difficult, isn’t it ? If you would like your children to be more independent at home in order to work peacefully, this article is made for you.

Justine Varin - Writer

5 ways and activities to make your children independent

Between school closures and home office, it’s especially hard to have a stress-free day. Concentrating at work has become mission impossible and you feel like you’re constantly being interrupted by your children. Indeed, this is a feeling that all parents feel at the moment.

That said, there are some tricks that can be put in place to help your children gain independence and also to respect the times when you should not be disturbed.

Want to find out what the magic bullet is? Then go ahead and read on with The Fun Master.

1) Temporal visualization

Children do not have the same notion of time as we do, because at their age the brain and cognitive capacities are different from those of adults. The awareness of time passing is ultimately a concept that is concretized by visuals and numbers, we are aware of time because we read the time and have a calendar. For children, it is exactly the same thing, however, to make them better integrate the concept of time, you will have to be a little creative!

The trick is about putting a large clock with needles in plain view of the children, either in the living room or in the playroom. Next, create cardboard clocks with your children and place them around the house. For example, hang one on your office door and mark the time when your children can disturb you. Your little ones will only have to look at the real clock to see if they can come to you or not.

You can apply this technique to the television, the kitchen (for snacks) and you can also create secondary clocks that mark the end of each activity.

2) The catalogue against boredom

Boredom is a child’s and parent’s nightmare, our little ones start to bicker or get into mischief because they are not busy. Although boredom is ultimately a very healthy thing for children’s creativity and development, it is true that the repeated confinements associated with the pandemic are not easy for them.

The solution is to offer them a multitude of games ranging from manual activities, to more sporting games or even reading. To do this, there is nothing better than to create an anti-boredom catalogue with your children. Take pictures of all their games and activities and classify them by theme: quiet activities, sports, crafts… This way your children will always find something to have fun without asking you, they will only have to leaf through the catalogue to find ideas. But make sure you add new activities and update it regularly, otherwise your children will quickly get bored of it.

“Make your children independent in a few tips!”

3) A well-established program!

There’s no need to ask children under 12 to take complete charge for a whole day. You will inevitably be disturbed at some point, but it is possible to plan your children’s day so that you are not overburdened.

This requires a well-rehearsed program, so don’t hesitate to post a program that you have drawn up and explained to the children previously.  Post this program in front of the children and apply the system of clocks seen earlier for greater efficiency. The schedule should include all the tasks for the day, and it will be much easier to understand if it is illustrated.

4) Use technology intelligently

There is nothing more annoying than a child who has spent the whole day in front of screens and who is grumpy for the rest of the evening. Depriving children of screens altogether is pointless and brings more frustration than benefit. Our little ones have grown up with them and it’s normal for them to use them, the key is to regulate screen time and make sure that TV or games can be a benefit to your children.

When it comes to films and TV, choose educational films and documentaries. Try to create a special list for your children, so that they can watch TV in peace without you constantly monitoring what they can watch and they will learn a lot from the film’s contents. Do the same with computers by creating a list of allowed sites with educational games.

Your children may be quite frustrated for not having free will, but make it clear that it is for the day and on the weekend you will be a little more flexible on programs.

In order to limit the amount of time spent on screens, you can program your devices to go into standby mode remotely, just look it up on the internet and you should easily be able to do this. With the sleep mode, the screens will turn off directly and you will not have to intervene.

If your children are rather addicted to screens and are quite young. To make it easier for them, you can fool them by telling them that the government has decided on the programs and video games, since the children no longer go to school during the day and there is nothing you can do about it.

5) Acting on daily life

No, you cannot ask your children to be independent overnight! Learning to be independent takes time and must be developed every day.

Children learn best when learning is done through games, so don’t hesitate to use creativity to entertain them while making them independent.

For example, if you want your children to set the table, what a better way than putting stickers on your table to guide them. Red can be the forks and green the plates. All they have to do is place the cutlery on the corresponding sticker.

In conclusion, there are a multitude of tricks that can help you make your kids more independent and make their days at home easier! Don’t be discouraged, with a few tips you can do it.

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5 perfect birthday cakes for kids’ allergies

5 perfect birthday cakes for kids' allergies

You are organising a birthday party for your child and one of your little guests has food allergies or a special diet? This article is made for you!

Justine Varin - Writer

Allergies and birthday cakes, what to do ?

We all know that child for whom birthdays and canteen are never easy times because of allergies that prevent them from eating everything they want. Unfortunately, many children suffer from food allergies, but this is not a problem, as there are many recipes available today that allow all children to enjoy their birthday party.

Allergies or special diets for children are generally the same, including gluten-free, egg-free, lactose-free, peanut-free and vegan.

If you are organizing a birthday party and one of the children has a special diet, this article is for you! You’ll find 5 recipe ideas that will successfully deflect your little ones’ allergies!

1) Gluten-free chocolate cake

No child would turn down a delicious slice of chocolate cake and it would be a shame if one of them couldn’t enjoy it because of a food allergy or intolerance. Cakes are often made with wheat flour, but eating gluten-free is not as difficult as you might think! Do you know what corn flour is? It’s a magical ingredient that you absolutely need to cook without gluten! In fact, corn flour is corn flour, it does not contain gluten and it is a very good alternative to wheat flour.


-125 grams of chocolate

-4 eggs

-15 grams corn flour

– 100 grams of sugar

– 50 grams of butter


Mix the egg yolks and sugar until the liquid is white.

Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler and add the corn flour to the mixture.

Add the chocolate, butter and corn flour mixture to the egg yolks and sugar.

Beat the egg whites until stiff.

Gently mix the egg whites with the rest of the ingredients, incorporating the whites little by little.

Pour the mixture into a buttered pan.

Bake for about 25 minutes at 180 (Celsius) degrees.

A personal touch:

Feel free to add dried fruit or unmelted gluten-free chocolate to decorate the birthday cake.

2)Yummy apple yoghurt cake without eggs

Dear parents, dear families, if making a cake is more like a nightmare in the kitchen than anything else, this recipe is made for you. After all, it’s impossible to miss an apple yoghurt cake. Making an eggless cake may seem like the mystery of the century because you don’t know the little secrets to make the dough light and airy. Don’t panic! The Fun Master comes to the rescue! I promise you, you’ll be able to bake a delicious apple yoghurt cake without any trouble!


-2 plain yoghurts

-3 pots of flour

-1 jar of sugar

-2 pinches of salt

-1/2 jar of oil

-1 vanilla extract

-1 packet of baking powder

-3 apples


Preheat your oven to 165 degrees (Celsius) and flour your tin.

Whisk the sugar, yoghurt, salt and vanilla in a bowl and then add the oil.

Add the flour and baking powder and mix.

Peel and cut the apples into small pieces and add to the mixture.

Pour the mixture into the tin and bake for 25 minutes, keeping an eye on it.

“A delicious cake for funny and yummy moments”

3)The delicious chocolate raspberry mousse cake

Can’t see yourself making a lactose-free cake? You should know that it is possible! First of all, it is important to know what lactose is. Lactose is a molecule present in animal milk and in larger quantities in cow’s milk. The good news is that the shelves of our supermarkets are full of plant-based milks, so you can use this type of milk in your preparations or not use any at all! The recipe we are about to present to you does not contain milk but is just as tasty!


-4 eggs

-180 grams of light cane sugar

-150 grams of margarine

-15 grams baking powder

-300 grams of raspberries


Beat the sugar and eggs until frothy.

Add the melted margarine and mix.

Mix the flour and baking powder together and add this to the dough.

Add the frozen raspberries.

Pour into a tin and bake for 50 minutes at 180 degrees (Celsius).

4)The best groundnut-free brownie

All children are big fans of brownies and unfortunately little ones with peanut allergies can’t eat them and may feel excluded. Groundnuts are found in most brownies. I can see parents looking at me wide-eyed through their screens, but how do you make a brownie without groundnuts ? The Fun Master is never short of ideas so here’s our groundnut free brownie recipe, the kids won’t mind and neither will you!


-200 grams of dark chocolate

-150 grams of butter

-4 eggs

-200 grams of sugar

-50 grams of flour

-1 packet of vanilla sugar


Melt the chocolate and butter in a bain-marie.

In a bowl, mix the remaining ingredients until smooth.

Add the chocolate and melted butter to the mixture and mix again.

Pour the dough into a buttered pan and bake for 30 minutes at 170 degrees (Celsius).

Before the dough is completely baked you can add Smarties or KitKat (in small pieces) to add crunch, these sweets are certified nut free.


5)An exceptional vegan banana cake

What?! You can’t use eggs and milk in your cake! You’re on the verge of giving up, aren’t you? Don’t worry, making a vegan cake without animal products is not that difficult. To tell you the truth, the recipe is super simple, quick, economical and healthy. We promise we’ll make you feel better about veganism!


-10 cl of oil

-1 cup of sugar

-2 cups of flour

-3 mashed bananas

-1/2 sachet baking powder


Mix the oil, sugar, yeast, flour and bananas to a smooth batter.

Pour the mixture into a buttered pan.

Bake for 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees (Celsius).

A personal touch:

You can buy or prepare a vegan chocolate topping, the cake will be even better!

Kids having fun during a birthday in Toronto

And that’s it! You are now ready to face all diets and allergies, the children will enjoy themselves and have an incredible birthday party!

La briochine

La Briochine is a company that bake simple cakes only with natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce (and likely have in your own kitchen) that are safe for those with all nut and peanut allergies.

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